Tokyo Tech Ōokayama campus

Access map to O-okayama campus

2-12-1, Ōokayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 152-8552

From Tokyo, Ueno, Shinagawa station

Route 1: via Ōimachi station
Tokyo, Ueno, Shinagawa sta. → Ōimachi sta.
 (JR lines, about 15, 20, 5 min.)
Tokyu Ōimachi sta. → Ōokayama sta.
 (Tokyu Ōimachi line, about 10 min.)
Route 2: via Meguro station
Tokyo, Ueno, Shinagawa sta. → Meguro sta.
 (JR lines, about 20, 25, 7 min.)
Tokyu Meguro sta. → Ōokayama sta.
 (Tokyu Meguro line, avout 8 min.)

From Shin-Yokohama station

Route: via Kikuna station
Shin-Yokohama sta. → Kikuna sta.
 (JR Yokohama line, about 2 min.)
Tokyu Kikuna sta. → Den-en-chofu sta.
 (Tokyu Toyoko line, about 20 min.)
Den-en-chofu sta. → Ōokayama sta.
 (Tokyu Meguro line, about 3 min.)

Imura Lab.

Access map to W8-W building

W8-W-404 (Professor) 03-5734-3635 (Tel. & FAX)
W8-W-401/409 (Students) 03-5734-2646 (Tel. & FAX)
W8-W-102 (Laboratory)
Building guidance of W8
Please enter the front entrance, which is on the 3rd floor, and go straight. Turn left at the end and you will find the stairs on your left as you walk on. Please climb 1 story and you will find our laboratory on that floor.